Are you Using A Clarion Program

Maybe you bought a Clarion program a few years ago, and now it needs some updating?

Or your staff are requesting fresh features?

Or you want your Clarion software to be web-based.

Clarion Program

If the answer’s yes to any of these questions above, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Clarion Program is a comprehensive software development environment that leverages the power of the Clarion programming language. This program is designed for the rapid development of database applications, making it a valuable tool for developers looking for efficiency and speed in their software projects. The Clarion Program integrates a fourth-generation programming language (4GL) with an advanced integrated development environment (IDE), provided by SoftVelocity. This combination allows for the creation of complex applications with less coding effort compared to traditional third-generation programming languages.

At the heart of the Clarion Program is its unique approach to application development. The program uses a template-driven system that automates much of the coding process. This feature of the Clarion Program significantly reduces development time and allows developers to focus on the more critical aspects of their applications. By using the templates provided within the Clarion Program, developers can generate code for common application functionalities, which can then be customized to meet specific requirements.

Another key feature of the Clarion Program is its compatibility with various data access methods, including ISAM, SQL, and ADO. This flexibility ensures that applications developed with the Clarion Program can easily interact with different database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and others. Moreover, the Clarion Program supports output to multiple formats, including HTML, XML, plain text, and PDF, making it versatile for developing applications that require reporting or data export functionalities.

The Clarion Program also emphasizes ease of use without sacrificing power or flexibility. Developers can choose to work directly with the Clarion language at the code level or take advantage of the program’s code generation facilities for a higher-level, more abstract approach to application development. This dual approach ensures that both novice and experienced developers can effectively use the Clarion Program to build robust applications.

Since its first release in 1986, the Clarion Program has undergone continuous development and improvement. The latest versions of the program offer enhanced features and capabilities, reflecting the evolving needs of the software development community. The anticipation around the release of Clarion 12 within the Clarion Program community highlights the ongoing interest and demand for this powerful software development tool.

In summary, the Clarion Program stands out as a sophisticated environment for developing database applications. Its integration of a 4GL with a powerful IDE, coupled with its template-driven approach to code generation, makes the Clarion Program a compelling choice for developers aiming to create efficient, reliable, and high-quality software applications.